What Is a Magnet School?

What Is a Magnet School?

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The Woodland High School Center for Advanced Studies in
Medical Science provides students with a rigorous,
advanced academic experience with a focus in the field of
medical sciences and scientific research. Learning
opportunities for students will extend well beyond the
classroom thanks to a dynamic partnership with Cartersville
Medical Center. The curriculum will come to life as students
creatively explore ways to research in the medical field,
intern and shadow with professionals, and culminate their
high school experience with project presentations in their
chosen area of research within the AP Capstone experience.

Why Magnet?

The Bartow County School System recognizes that students who demonstrate exceptional potential in a specific area may benefit from a specialized program. Bartow’s magnet programs allow students to pursue their interests, develop their talents, and extend their competencies beyond the usual scope of high school.

Center for Advanced Studies
in Medical Science

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